This is a fast-paced, image-oriented society in which we live. First impressions really do count! Every piece of information on your property, whether it be a brochure, the wording in the Multiple Listing Service, the Internet prencense, or a well-placed advertisement, it must show your home in the best possible light.

During all phases of a listing from the initial paperwork and promotion through the very last details of the closing, I personally attend to all of the details. 

When it’s time to sell your home, we work together on staging, styling, marketing, and making the right choices to maximize the value of your property, so you can move seamlessly into the next stage of your life.

There is a system, process and strategy that I apply to sell your home within the right timeline for top dollar.

As the current home owner you have put your seal on the  property. You have decided to sell and I will guide you through the  process. After outlining  some of the steps that I will take to make these a success for you, I will share with you my number one secret and the most important detail  to selling your home which we will achieve before your property even  hits the  market.

Detailed proccess


We start at the beginning with an onboarding process. I want to understand more about you, your reason for selling, plans and of course all property and neighbourhood details.  

You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page, book a quick call with me or if you prefer we can go through all of these face to face.


Detailed Walkthrough

This is the walk through that I do as a stranger looking through the eyes of your best buyer that will be  willing to pay the most for the property if presented and packaged accordingly. The analysis starts before even walking in. What is the first impression as I drive through the neighbourhood and walk down the street a few doors from your home. 

What is your properties curb appeal?

How am I welcomed by your front door?

What feeling do I get as I enter the home?

This continues in every area, room, floor, inside and outside.


After the detailed  walkthrough I will be able to point out what is needed in terms of general adjustment to ensure the property appears at its peak. This  may include re-caulking, oiling up door hinges, changing light bulbs and updating light fixtures. Maybe changing some of the hardware, updating the thermostat or security panel that is showing its age. Repair what you have been avoiding. This step is known to impact 10% to 15% of the sale price of your home. It is often that we will do a pre listing inspection to encounter any problems before the buyers do and this way we can address them accordingly and stay a step ahead and on the way to a smooth transaction.


Your home is exactly that, yours. All of our homes have items that hold value to us and our loved ones only. We are so used to these items that we don’t even notice them. These include family pictures, funky paint colours, some collectables and art pieces, religious items, pet belongings, and so on. We want your home to show well and attract serious offers fast. Therefore the home must be presented in a manner that appeals to the broadest range of Buyers.


We are all professional consumers which automatically leads to us having all kinds of stuff. We buy stuff without thinking of where it will go which inevitably results in clutter. Every area and space should have breathing room and every item should have a place where it belongs to. This includes every storage space, basement, garage and all your hiding spots, drawers. They should be organized in a way that it is tidy and with enough space to welcome other items.

Things to keep in mind: nostalgia is not your friend, purging feels good, make sure everything has its place, get rid of papers, fold, don’t hang,  fall in love with your closet, use vertical space and cleaning will be easier. A clean, decluttered house will give buyers the confidence that it has been well-maintained and make it look and feel better overall. Even the cleanest, most well-organized homes can usually benefit from some extra decluttering.


Your home must be sparkling, Think luxury hotel clean. I always like to bring in professional cleaners who will make sure to clean all the spots you don’t: the baseboards, inside the lights, the fridge, etc. This step is so important that I always pay for it. The cleanliness of your house plays a significant role in what buyers think. When a buyer sees a spotless home, it will give them a positive feeling about your property. They’ll like it, and they may keep it in mind as they view other houses for sale. A clean house looks more appealing and less personal. It makes a House look more spacious , you’ll have less work to do for showings and as a bonus deep cleaning prepares you for moving.


Staging is a form of visual merchandising that draws on some of the fundamentals of interior design,the object of staging is to flatter the property but not be too obvious about it. Good staging lets the buyers imagine themselves in the home, shows off its good features and hides its flaws, turns weird spaces into usable spaces, creates a mood, and makes the home look significantly better in photos. All of these creates the emotional “YES” Buyers want to experience in a home before preparing a significant offer.


High Quality photos and video. The  best pictures and video will shine a spotlight on your home so that it stands out from the competition.

Photos: HDR Photos of interior and exterior, fire added to fireplace and exterior fire pits. TV/Monitor Screen replacement (if needed) , window exposure corrections, manually blending of walls & ceilings, sky/grass replacement where applicable, full proprietary image balance and corrections. 

Video: Full property video, aerial drone footage, neighbourhood highlight, professional editing. Engaging content such as video walkthroughs, short video ads to be played on Youtube that highlight a certain part of Your home, open house video invites or even highlighting the community in which your home is located.


Marketing starts even before the property hits the market. There is a drip coming soon campaign in which your property is positioned and  shared with both my insider and realtor network, this is an extremely efficient way to obtain potential buyers and huge interest in advance.

 A captivative targeted marketing campaign for your home is created, this is how  your home gets in front of the right buyers, and how your home can literally be seen by thousands of people who are already looking for a home just like yours. Each and every home is different and therefore needs specialized marketing so that we can showcase your home to it’s strengths.  Not all homes or communities video well…so this is something I take into consideration and make the call after we have your home listed. After all, we want to highlight and make Your home stand out from your competition. 

Your property will be featured on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, & multiple property search Websites. I could write an encyclopedia on how my  customized approach gets the results you’re looking for instead, let’s  connect so that I can show you.


The selling process can be and should be simple, enjoyable and profitable but a seller that is left blinded and left with unknowns will understandably become anxious. We will set up a very clear line of communication and I will be providing you with the necessary information through every step. You will get a formal pre-listing update, 24hr on the market update and a weekly update. These will include all the necessary information regarding the activity and property statistics, as well as feedback and surrounding market watch.


I can not disclose all my secrets however, I will say that I take pride in fighting for my clients and achieving the best results. I believe that in life negotiation is key and cannot overemphasize the importance of it. This is why I continue to finesse and expand my skills regularly.


Selling your home is an emotional process. Sometimes we are more aware of our attachments than others. Prepping the home for sale serves as a grieving process. A key secret to selling your home is that. Letting go, allow “your home” to welcome the new owners’ and let me guide you into the next stage.

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, and having the right realtor makes all the difference.

Selling your home is an emotional process. Sometimes we are more aware of our attachments than others. Prepping the home for sale serves as a grieving process. A key secret to selling your home is that. Letting go, allow “your home” to welcome the new owners’ and let me guide you into the next stage.

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, and having the right realtor makes all the difference.

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Jud Waggoman
Jud Waggoman
When working with Carmen at another brokerage, I invited her to partner with me. The reasons are the same as why you should choose Carmen as your agent; honesty, integrity, diligence and success. She is most knowledgeable, innovative and driven to achieve the objectives of her clients. What most distinguishes Carmen from others is her kindness. Despite the adversity in today’s real estate market, Carmen consistently maintains a professional demeanor and attitude with everyone. I chose to work with Carmen as my business partner. I urge you to engage her as your real estate agent. She is undoubtedly the best choice. – Jud Waggoman, Los Cabos, Mexico
Vanny Hem
Vanny Hem
My fiancé and are first time home buyers and with the Carmen Real we were able to get the home we dreamed of! There are a lot of emotions specially stress and anxiety. Carmen was able to alleviate these feelings by educating us as she made us feel comfortable with all her knowledge and experience. She is now prepping my sisters home for sale. The transformation and emphasis on all the marketing really stands out. We are so happy we found her and truly thankful for all the time and attention spent with us. We got our dream home!
Sarah L
Sarah L
Carmen sold my house and was an absolute pleasure to work with! She made everything so easy and seamless, it was a breeze! 100% recommend her whether you are buying or selling. Thank you Carmen!
Maxine Davis
Maxine Davis
Whether this is your first time buying a home, or you've been in the market for years, Carmen is an essential part of your home buying process. She is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. She will do everything she can to get your deal done!
Francesco Montagnese
Francesco Montagnese
Fantastic Service. Patient and understanding. Truly has your best interest at heart.